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Bopo Boho Clearance Picks of the Week

I live for bold winter and fall pieces and I'm lucky enough to live in the Bay area, where the temperature lingers in what the rest of the country would consider "early Autumn" or Spring temperatures year round, bathed in beautiful diffused grey light or dappled sunshine.

Because of this, that means that I feel a little less pressure to dress with the seasonal runway and more freedom to dress from the heart. While I may not wear my beloved "sueded" 3/4 sleeve pumpkin spice dress year round, I do embrace rich blues, burgundies, and greens throughout the year.

Since I embrace these colors and I can wear layers for three quarters of the year, I absolutely LOVE winter clearance sales. There are some fantastic clearances happening right now, too! Here are a few of my favorite picks.

1. Stretch Ankle Boot from Lane Bryant, $17.49.

Sapphire blue crushed velvet ankle boots with 4 inch heels from Lane Bryant

Holy crap - be still, my heart! These crushed velvet sapphire blue ankle boots are from Lane Bryant and part of their obscene clearance right now. At a mere $17.49, you can buy multiple pairs! They also come in an amazing crushed velvet burgundy, as well as a matte canvas olive or black.

The 4'' heels are a bit too daunting for me, especially with a knee injury, but the perfect buy for those bold enough to walk at such great heights. These boots may not be may for walkin', but they are definitely made for stylin'.

2. Plus-Size Jersey Swing Dress by Old Navy (1x-4x), $19.

Absolutely simple and easily styled to whatever your preferred vibe is, this black swing dress (also available in garnet!) is a closet must. If you're on a budget, $19 is the perfect price point. From work to wherever, this is such a good basic piece to have around. I would personally style it with boots, a statement necklace, and possibly a broad rim hat, but the options are endless. Such an easy canvas makes for countless outfits. Buy in both black and garnet!

3. Fay Embroidered Tall Boots by Avenue, $15.

Golden embroidery on faux suede boots.

I'm a sucker for a gorgeous boho look and these boots make me want to put them on and blast a Joanna Newsom or Fairport Convention album. With a 3'' heel, they give you a bit of height without being too daunting and for $15, it's worth a little bit of wobble as you get used to them.

Pair with: leggings, a gauzy blouse and skinny jeans, an empire-waist dress, your favorite vest...

4. Lace-Up Pointed Toe Flat by Lane Bryant, $12.49.

light grey lace-up pointy toed flats with grey grosgrain ribbon

These light grey lace-up ballet flats will work perfectly with most of your spring wardrobe. Paired well with capris, midi or mini skirts, dresses, and leggings, these inexpensive flats are super feminine without being a cliche pink or covered in sparkles. Switch the ribbon out with different colors or fabrics (try lace!) to make the look uniquely yours.

5. Plus-Size Cold Shoulder Cinch-Waist Dress by Old Navy, $14.97. (1x-4x)

Call me a hater if you will, but I generally no longer care for the cold shoulder trend. Too many random circles cut out carelessly and without taste. This, however, feels like more of a retro disco or rocker throwback and I'm here for it, especially in black. The floral is even great with that sunny yellow in there. At this price, buy both!

Wear with: floppy hair and oversized sunnies. Toss on a big pendant necklace to really go 70s or keep it modern with a sleek bun, simple earrings and ba