11 Curve and Plus Size Bloggers Say #WakandaForever

Phat Girl Fresh #WakandaForever

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Last weekend, Black Panther premiered across the nation, providing much needed Black representation across theatre screens everywhere. The beautiful ode to Black unity astonished naysayers and enthusiastic fans alike with a record-breaking premiere weekend with global ticket sales estimated to be at $387 million dollars for opening weekend between Friday and Monday, according to global media analysts at ComScore.

Anyone walking through the enthusiastic crowds at movie theaters — or even just browsing Twitter — instantly knows that it is more than a film, it is a cultural event.

As you pass through Black moviegoers in beautiful African clothing, it’s important to remember that no, this is not “just like Star Wars,” as some well-meaning people have tried to argue when critics have accused fans of being too “extra.”

While this is a sci-fi superhero flick, a great deal of the story is rooted in actual African cultures and incorporates it within its depictions of gender equity within the peaceful, technologically advanced society of Wakanda as it delves into much deeper topics of identity, cultural dysphoria, and unity.


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