Sleep Hygiene with TITOV

The following is a sponsored blog post courtesy of TITOV. The eye mask was gifted to me for review and contains non-affiliate links to the product.

Laurel Dickman lays in repose, modeling the red metallic silk eye mask by TITOV.

Are you a night owl or shift worker? Do you have problems sleeping during the day?

Sleep is one of the most important aspects of self-care that is often an afterthought in our 24/7 world of go, go GO. What we might not realize is that in our attempts to be so productive, we’re actually setting themselves back further.

Saying “get more sleep” is often easier said than done. As a person who lives with anxiety and depression, it can be all or nothing, alternating between deep slumbers and bouts of insomnia. Because of this, I often find myself sleeping at strange hours, fighting the sunshine and my circadian rhythm.

To combat this, I keep my trusty sleep mask beside my bed.

Laurel Dickman models the silk eye mask by TITOV.

This beautiful silk Deco Eye Mask by TITOV not only makes me feel like I am channeling a modern Melisandre, but most importantly, it aids me in getting the rest that my ever-changing and healing body requires. The high-quality, 20mm silk fabric does not aggravate my sensitive skin and it doesn’t cause creases or frizz thanks to its smooth texture. An added bonus is that it never gets too hot because it’s made from silk!

In the past, it’s been really hard for me to find a proper mask. Even if I did not have a plus-size body, I’d still have a massive melon. When searching for previous masks, I kept running into circumference issues with the sizing and their cheap construction. My handcrafted mask by Titov has been the perfect solution to broken or stretched out straps and it doesn’t leave my hair or skin a dented, broken out mess.

How are you sleeping these days? What do you do to improve your sleep hygiene? I want to know - drop me a comment and you might find yourself in my next blog post!

Katy admires my Titov silk eye mask.